About Mudara Enterprises

We are a Bahraini company that believes in having a good time while we do what it is we do.


World class brands, quality, beauty & most importantly coolness, are some of the essential prerequisites required for us to want to partner up with. If we want it, then we should have it! That is our philosophy.

Projekt8 is our vessel to showcase these brands in a relaxed and cool environment. Have a coffee at the bar, enjoy a chat at the lounge and if there is something that you fancy, we can make you smile.

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Streetsmart Bahrain

Streetsmart Bahrain is a travel guide that not only helps you see the country, but feel it, taste it... really get under its skin.

Listings cover everything from archaeological sites and eclectic souqs to restaurants and leisure options such as pearl diving, desert-driving and where to lay your head after dark. But what gives the guide the edge are tips spread throughout the book by Bahrain's lifestyle-shapers (artists, chefs, DJs, designers...), who take the reader off the beaten track to discover the Kingdom's hidden gems.


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